About Tammy Fontana

About Tammy Fontana


Ms. Fontana has resided in Singapore for over ten years and she is a Permanent Resident of Singapore. She combines her clinical training in the United States with her experience in both the expatriate community and the local Singaporean community to provide culturally sensitive therapy. Ms. Fontana has extensive experience with the local community through her counselling work at Aware.org, Alife, The Star Shelter, Singapore Anti-Narcotic Association and Simei Health Care. Ms. Fontana also provides intensive treatment for child clients at residential care through her liaison with MCYS.

Her involvement in the expatriate community extends to her works as the Southeast Asian contact for Asherman’s Syndrome. Ms. Fontana founded Singapore Active Toddlers in 2007 for both local and expatriate parents and was board member of New Mother Support Group (NSMG) in Singapore. Finally, Ms. Fontana is a member of Primetime, Business and Professional Women’s Association.

Ms. Fontana draws upon her clinical training and five years of experience in counseling as well as her professional experience of over fifteen years in sales with fortune 1000 companies in United States. She provides both individual and couple therapy. Ms. Fontana has specialized training to work with children and their families. She is dedicated to improving the lives of others through well researched interventions and she looks forward to working with each client.


Ms. Fontana has her M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University, USA: a CACREP approved school.

Ms. Fontana completed her 3000 hour clinical practicum and internship in the United States under the supervision of a senior US licensed Counselor (LPC). Ms. Fontana has passed the U.S. National Counselor EXAM (NCE) and is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) USA.

Ms. Fontana is a Certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT) Therapist through the William Glasser Institute of Singapore. This is a 2 1/2 year program that consists of 2 intensive trainings, two practica and a certification session. A certified CTRT Therapist has demonstrated knowledge and skill of principals of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-Management as authorized and endorsed by Dr. William Glasser. Ms. Fontana completed her advanced Intermediate training with top US Faculty Trainer Lucy Billings Robbins of The William Glasser International Institute USA and her certification with Ivan Honey of The William Glasser International Institute of Australia who developed Doug Dragster based in Choice Theory Reality Therapy. CTRT is based in the principals of helping people to learn internal control and improve important relationships. Ms. Fontana continues to deepen her knowledge of the principals and interventions of Choice Psychology by consulting with a US Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute

Ms. Fontana has assessment and diagnostic training using the DSM-IV. Since the DSM V has come out, Ms. Fontana has completed more training on the new DSM model to help her clients and be aware of the changes in how the psychiatric community is diagnosing poeple. She has extensive training in human development, psychopathology, addiction, child and family counselling. As required by the counselling profession and governing boards in the U.S.

Pre and Post Relationship Counselling for Partners with addiction. The outcome for sobriety and maintenance of sobriety is higher when the partner of the person with addiction attends counselling. Ms. Fontana helps couples evaluate their options for seeking detox and getting clean treatment as well providing counselling and skills for couples after the partner has attended an inpatient treatment. Ms. Fontana, as part of her Master’s degree and continuing eduction received training in addiction counselling. Ms. Fontana can recommend both in-patient treatment facilities in the SE Asia region as well as option for outpatient treatment in Singapore.