Purchase Wellness Portal access

Purchase Wellness Portal access

MyNewBeginningsClub is an exclusive offering by All in the Family Counselling to individuals and couples looking to maximize change and achieving the lives they want to live.

Here we provide videos, articles and other multimedia content to support therapy and changing in one’s life. Individuals that have completed therapy or currently in therapy will benefit from the online content that supports the client’s goals for a better life.

WE OFFER RELATIONSHIP & HEALTH PORTAL includes more than different subsections with supported multimedia materials. There you will find the easiest and the most practical solutions to start overcoming anxiety, depression or anger management. Here you will also find many ways to improve your communication in relationships, as well as find answers to many questions in marriage, parenting, dating and sex.


Virtual wellness and Health portal

After you have purchased your package, you will receive your credentials on your mail address.

Feel free to contact our administrators at any moment if you have any technical issues.


  • We also provide Skype support for our clients if they need additional help or simply want to upgrade their knowledge. The price is $65 for 15 minutes by appointment.
  • ONLINE TRAININGS is payable via PayPal. After successful payment, you will receive on your mail login information. Currently we offer a Baby Sleep Fairy online training – we provide you with help with night waking, early morning waking and napping or bed time struggles. Check back often for new trainings on all areas of relationship and mental health. From Online trainings we currently offer BabySleepFairy.