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Online talks and information:

We want to provide people with all types of access to mental health and wellness.

We fully understand that you may not be ready to attend counseling. Therefore, we are providing a variety of relationship and mental health talks on our website for a very affordable fee. Talks provide guidance and new ways to look at problems and issues you are facing. It is not a substitute for therapy but help get information and new ways to deal with your issues.

Wellness, Mental Health

Supporting Therapy

While clients are in therapy they will need to practice what they are learning in therapy. At times they may need additional support or encouragement or reminders of the skills they are learning in session.

Our portal will be available to you 24x7 to help you achieve your personal therapy goals and get the life you want to live. We want you to be successful. The portal can have private customized information for you. In addition, we’ll be adding relevant talks with other mental health professionals and articles to support you on your journal.

Post Therapy

Many of our clients need support or help to remind them of the value skills and tools they got during therapy. To keep diligent with the change, the portal can be a great place to to listen to audios on past skills and read articles to support your therapy. We’ll be updating it often to ensure value for what you need to live a happy life.

Wellness, Mental Health


Too often people avoid or delay correcting or finding help for their problems. We know that a search for help and the decision to make one is very hard and stressful. Often the lack of success comes from not correctly understanding where true problem lays. Our experts will do their best to make your decision worthwhile.

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