How we help corporate executives


Many people are struggling to the find balance between work and health. We help people solve these problems. Overall work and health balance starts with you – the individual. We help you evaluate and assess honestly what your priorities are, what you want and what you can do to achieve the life balance you want.


People struggle to properly evaluate what is really important to them. This can create conflict in your personal relationships and health problems.

We live in a day and age where we have an abundance of choices and a scarcity of time. People live without the awareness how choices today can affect future choices for your health and important relationships as well as your career. All in the Family Counselling with My New Beginning Club helps people to evaluate what they really, really want. We guide people in making the tough choices to give up ineffective time wasting behaviors.


At My New Beginnings Club, Tammy Fontana will help you to find this work life balance and achieve happiness that you want, and success that you desire in your life and personal relationships.

Today corporate executives are facing more difficulties and stresses than ever before in dynamic and ever changing global economy. There is much focus on how corporate executives can manage their teams effectively and provide direction in a very volatile economic world.

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Here is a small selection of the large number of testimonials we have received

“Hi Tammy! Hope all is well. We were so impressed with you, we have been recommending you to all our friends!!” ~ Happy mom of a 11 months old

“I just wanted to whole heartily thank you. Your session was a real life changing experience. Lewis has been sleeping through the night for many months now and it is just so beautiful. Without your insights and step by step guidance this would have never been possible. I now give him a kiss (he waves his dad goodnight) put him in his cot and he turns around and falls asleep. Not a single noise. I walk out of his room, close the door and have 12 hours of peace and rest. Thank you ever so much Tammy, you are star!” ~ J.

“Going through another transition with our almost two year old and really grateful for all the help you gave us first time around. Now we have more confidence not to repeat the same mistakes. We'd rather stay downstairs with the youngster enjoying time together than having a 2-hour battle trying to get them to sleep too early! It is painful when our older child now needs an earlier bedtime, but hey...” ~ Rachael Herring


One area though, that affects corporate executives' performance in a workplace is how well they are able to manage and integrate their personal relationships and family.

In Singapore, many executives are facing strife and turnoil with their personal life and family and this has direct impact on their ability to focus and be productive at work.

All in the Family Counselling along with My New Beginning Club helps executives prioritize and create the harmony that they need in their family to be productive and effective in their work. The skills that make executives successful at work are not effective in marriage or personal relationships. We provide these executives with a confidential and effective approach. Being more effective at home, reducing conflict and strife saves time.


To find out how we can help you or your company, contact Ms. Fontana at to learn how we can help executives create harmony within their family so they can perform externaly at the company.