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Are you considering doing therapy but really have no idea how it works? Are you confused by what you are supposed to do and what the therapist does and namely how talking to someone about your concerns, dilemmas and problems is supposed to be helpful?

Well you are not alone. Because our therapist wants to deliver such high quality care to her clients, she is not available to speak to them. Most inquiries  that people have actually require a session. We totally understand how overwhelming and nerve wracking it can be to think about meeting a stranger for the first time to talk about the most private, intimate and vulnerable situations of your life.

So we have put together a series of videos that will answer common questions most people have. It will allow you to meet our lead therapist Tammy Fontana and help you decide if you want to take the next step and book an appointment.

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Please proceed with the Paypal payment to access all the talks that cover the topics:

  • The First Appointment
  • Why you can’t discuss your situation over the phone before an appointment
  • How to select a therapist
  • The difference between therapy and when you are facing a personal or relationship crisis
  • Discussion of what actually is therapy

For only 10$ you can already make the first step in your therapy process – solve your first dillemmas and concerns, and start with focus only on therapry process.

Wellness & Mental Health

We want you, our client to be successful and feel supported.

This portal is a great source for you if you are seeking to maintain your progress even after you have completed your therapy at the centre.