April 17th 2019

Posted on April 17, 2019

April 17th 2019

April 17, 2019

Hi Readers,

Did you wake up feeling sad today? Maybe not today, but have you had that experience?

You wake up, maybe even sleeping well, but as soon as your feet hit the ground you feel that slow enveloping sensation of sadness, loneliness and heaviness start to over take you? You try hard to stop it, but you can’t.

You may start to be looking for reasons why it is happening. You struggle to rationalize it away saying all the reasons why you should be happy and why you can’t be having this feeling.

This is a common symptom of people stuck with feelings of loneliness. You may even be in a relationship or having friends so technically you are not alone, but these lonely feelings, this sadness and heavy darkness none-the-less get you.

If this is true for you and it’s a huge source of frustration, one of the things you can consider doing is a two-fold process.

  1. You want to start label this emotional state and put a boundary around it. You want to cut it off and NOT engage in the feeling or have a dialogue with it. One of the things that makes this feeling grow is that you start to interact with it in your mind. You start to think and figure out why you are sad upon waking. You start working with it. Normally, I am big on people see what their feelings are trying to tell them. But in this case, this type of feeling is historical and doesn’t have anything to do with the present. So, the best thing is to put a boundary and not engage in it.
  2. The next thing to do is some sort of exercise or stretching and movement. You want to redirect your energy to changing your mood. Often, we can do this through exercise and stretching. Putting on good up-lifting music.

When these feelings hit, it is so important to put a limit on them and not engage with them. This type of feeling will feel different from your regular and present-day sadness. These types of feelings that come out of the blue, that hit you when things are good are tied to your history of childhood. I help clients in therapy deal with them in a different. For this purpose, you can start with the above exercise.

Learning be happy when you are alone, either living alone or are in a single state, it is important to learn how to work with your feelings and process them. I hope you find this exercise helpful.