April 7th 2019

Posted on April 7, 2019

April 7th 2019


It’s Sunday evening and I’m doing an extra special blog post.

Today I experienced a life lesson and concept that I often share with my clients. One of the things you need to do to be able to embrace and enjoy your solo state is to live by the rules that YOU create, not anyone else’s rules.

These rules may be subtle, and I want to share what I mean. I had some personal changes in my life and as such I like my living space to be as warm and inviting to me as possible.

Today, Sunday, I literally spent 10 hours purging and cleaning out my house. I really went through everything. I had so many things to dispose of. I’m getting new furniture and carpets in my place as the others are very old and worn.

As I was going through, cleaning, purging and reorganizing, it struck me as to how I want to use my living room. I’m not a sofa person. I never have been. I was looking for a sofa and I just couldn’t find one. At the same time, I was thinking about how I want to use my living space. Then it dawned me, I don’t want to use it like a living room, like the rest of the world says. I want to use it as my cozy work space!

In that moment, I realized why I couldn’t find a sofa! Because I don’t want or need one!  I don’t have to decorate or use my room the way society or anyone says. I decided that I need a work space and a creative area.

So, I got myself a big huge dining table to use as a desk. I’ll now be able to set up a permanent work area, I usually use my dining table, but that is for eating so I can’t leave things out. I plan to set up an area so I can record my videos for my website and my portal. I will have a beautiful and inspiring place to work and write my blogs and articles. The room just came together. I am saving a huge amount of money as well. So instead of having a decorative sofa that I’ll never use, I am now transforming my room into the space that I enjoy and use.

I had the same experiment as I was cleaning out my buffet. I have beautiful china that I got as a gift. Beautiful plates and dishes and cups. I rarely use them except one a year. I have old plates and cups and bowls. Then it again hit me. I can do what I what and I want to use beautiful china every day! And I can. It is silly, I have been hauling around these items, I’ve don 8-9 moves in 15 years and need new dishes. I can use my beautiful china. The idea that I should save them for a special occasion is crazy. I want every day to be special and nice. Everything I tough should be wonderful. So now I am using them and enjoyed eating off them today.

I want to challenge you to think about what you like or want. You don’t have to live your life the way everyone says. If you are alone, this is a huge luxury, because you can do that! Take advantage of it. Find out who you are and relish your uniqueness. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?