January 25th 2019

Posted on January 25, 2019

January 25th 2019

Happy Friday!
How is your first month of new year’s resolutions going? I find many people make them during the slow down that occurs during the end of the year and then when the holidays end they get overwhelmed by the full impact of life.
I’ll here many people stating they are so busy with work or kids, they believe they don’t have time.
I want to stop and challenge you here. We will never have enough time. We have to create time by say no to a lot of no or low value things we choose.
Meeting goals or living a rich, interesting life requires a strict discipline to know what to say yes to and more importantly what to say no to. I find many of my clients are saying yes to the wrong things and don’t say no enough.
When people say they want to meet goals but don’t have time I usually jump up on my white board and start drawing out their day in a pie chart. It can be quite powerful to see how you spend your 24 hours. Try it now. Draw a circle and call it 24 hours.
Most people have to “sell” time to:
Sleep 6-8 hrs
Work 10-12 hours
Commuting 1 hours
Eating showering getting ready: 2 hours
That is 18 hours spent out of 24 hours. Leaving you with a lot of free time of 6 hours. Often not as a. Lump sum but still a lot. Many people are surprised at this amount. They are surprised how. Much they waste scrolling Facebook, playing video games, having stupid arguments or chats or watching low value tv
Many clients cut out sleep making them slower and less productive.

If you want to seriously change your life your you will have to be honest with how you spend your time. You’ll also need to be lore disciplined and give up this mantra of “I’m so busy”
If you pay attention truly busy people never say they are busy… ever. They calculate, evaluate and make choices.
Do the activity. Write how you spend your time. As yourself does it really add value and joy. If jot, ask how can I keep spending my life /time this way. Making a better life requires us to fight inertia. If you need help I can help. If not, start by doing an honest assessment.

The best way to fight being lonely is to fill your life with high quality activities and use your time. To the make. What are you waiting for?