Last day of my solo holiday

Posted on December 29, 2018

Last day of my solo holiday

Today is the last day of my solo holiday.

Thank you so much for joining me on it and I hope you found this series of blog posts inspiring.
I’m not yet done with my holiday. My feet happily hurt from hours of Latin dancing, I injured my hand surfing yesterday but nonetheless enjoyed myself. My face hurts from smiling and my heart is filled with the lovely community of Latin dancers I met in Bali.

My holiday, as holidays should, served to reinvigorate me and inspire me. How did I do it?
1. Planning, lots of planning before I left.
2. Having lots of nature
3. Daily exercise
4. Eating healthy. I don’t do the holiday binging. Our gut creates our mental health hormones so good diet important
5. Very limited alcohol. If you are prone to depression stay away from this. The rebound is bad and makes depression worse.
6. Connecting to the Latin dance community in Kuta.
7. Getting enough sleep every day.
8. Spending time to stretch and reflect
9. Lots and lots of joyful music

My holiday I got to connect to myself and never felt lonely.

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Photos. Kuta Latin dance community