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BabySleepFairy is a programme for all parents whose children need to learn how to sleep and when to sleep.
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Miss Tammy Fontana

Ms. Fontana has resided in Singapore for over ten years and she is a Permanent Resident of Singapore. She combines her clinical training in the United States with her experience in both the expatriate community and the local Singaporean community to provide culturally sensitive therapy.

Ms. Fontana has extensive experience with the local community through her counselling work at, Alife, The Star Shelter, Singapore Anti-Narcotic Association and Simei Health Care. Ms. Fontana also provides intensive treatment for child clients at residential care through her liaison with MCYS.

Her involvement in the expatriate community extends to her works as the Southeast Asian contact for Asherman's Syndrome. Ms. Fontana founded Singapore Active Toddlers in 2007 for both local and expatriate parents and was board member of New Mother Support Group (NSMG) in Singapore. Finally, Ms. Fontana is a member of Primetime, Business and Professional Women’s Association.

Ms. Fontana draws upon her clinical training and five years of experience in counseling as well as her professional experience of over fifteen years in sales with fortune 1000 companies in United States. She provides both individual and couple therapy. Ms. Fontana has specialized training to work with children and their families. She is dedicated to improving the lives of others through well researched interventions and she looks forward to working with each client.

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I provide an evidence based approach

I'm the one people come to when other sleep trainings fail

Here we address complete solutions - not beliefs

Here is a small selection of the large number of testimonials we have received

“Hi Tammy! Hope all is well. We were so impressed with you, we have been recommending you to all our friends!!” ~ Happy mom of a 11 months old

“Thank you so much for your help! You were more expensive than other sleep trainers we had tried in the past, but your information was clear and based on evidence. Once we understood how sleep worked and what matters it made so much sense. The sleep training while difficult wasn't the horror story we had been experiencing. Getting the right information made all the difference.” ~ Happy rested parents of a 6 months old

“I just wanted to whole heartily thank you. Your session was a real life changing experience. Lewis has been sleeping through the night for many months now and it is just so beautiful. Without your insights and step by step guidance this would have never been possible. I now give him a kiss (he waves his dad goodnight) put him in his cot and he turns around and falls asleep. Not a single noise. I walk out of his room, close the door and have 12 hours of peace and rest. Thank you ever so much Tammy, you are star!” ~ J.

“Going through another transition with our almost two year old and really grateful for all the help you gave us first time around. Now we have more confidence not to repeat the same mistakes. We'd rather stay downstairs with the youngster enjoying time together than having a 2-hour battle trying to get them to sleep too early! It is painful when our older child now needs an earlier bedtime, but hey...” ~ Rachael Herring

Listen to some of our video testimonials

Watch the introduction from our leading therapist:
Tammy Fontana

Does your child have a sleep disorder?

A child's sleep is a problem when that sleep situation no longer works for the parents and/or family. It is always important that parents are aware of age appropriate sleep patterns first to make sure they have proper expectations of their child.

Can sleep training hurt my child?

When you follow clinically advised sleep correction programme it is not harmful for your child. Often the sleep horror stories that parents hear of (the two hour crying and other bad sleep training stories, are addressed in my talk and are explained how they happen. Often what happens is people have incomplete or bad information that leads to them incorrectly implementing sleep tools, thus resulting in poor outcome.

Even these don't hurt your child; they do induce stress to your child and parent – that is very unpleasant but is no lasting thing. But clinically informed sleep correction programme is very easy – has minimal fussing and can lead to better sleep in 1-3 days. Sleep training if done when the child is younger is faster and easier. Best to address sleep between the ages of 16 weeks and 18 months – it is much easier to correct and establish good pattern of behaviour. However you can correct sleep at any age!

Age Appropriate Sleep:

  • No sleep training under 16 weeks of age. Children’s sleep is often erratic and changing. This normal.
  • By 6 months of age children so be able to fall asleep independently and sleep 6 hours a night uninterrupted with only 0-1 feed and then another 3 ¼-4 hours
  • By 9 months of age children should no longer be taking any feeds at night


  • We have help over a 1000 clients effectively solve their sleep solutions
  • This is the same sleep consult that clients get when doing a one to one consultation with Tammy
  • Have the videos and notes available to you at anytime of the day to look back on for guidance
  • Guaranteed to work if you follow exactly Tammy Fontana’s Solution
  • Excellent Clinical Guidance available to you in your home at your convenience
  • Unlimited viewing of the videos
BabySleepFairy sleep correction information

There are numerous problems associated with sleep with whom BabySleepFairy can help. Here are only a few examples.

Will sleep training provide benefits in the future?

A child's sleep is tied to how the parent manages their child. So once you fix a sleep problem, it doesn't stay fixed for life. Anytime the parent changes his or her behaviour for as little as one to two days can bring back sleep problems. Our goal and our solutions help parents understand how sleep works and how their behaviour can have impact on their child.

Our goal is not to just to fix your current problem, but to give you the tools and skills you need to maintain it and/or troubleshoot it when you will change your behaviour. Common reasons why parents change their behaviour that results in sleep problems returning are the child get sick, long lasting flights, teething, getting sick after vaccination. Anytime you change your behaviour for as little as one to two days can bring back the problems.


  • A Sleep Association: The child has learned to fall asleep with one of these types of assistance; Patting, rocking, or pushing in a stroller to sleep. Needing to bed to sleep- breast or bottle. The child requires the parent or care giver to lay with them to sleep. The sleep association can develop at any age.
    • Common problems associated with a sleep association: The child will usually continue to wake many times during the night, with most frequent wakings the second half of the night.
    • As the child gets older and wakes they can become hysterical to get the parent to come into the room.
    • Waking can be from 1-2 times a night to as often as every 45 minutes.
    • This problem, done correct can be fixed in as little as 1-2 nights
  • Sleep Phase Shift: child waking in the morning as early as 4:30am to 5am or often well before 6am. This is a problem with sleep distribution. It can be fixed in 2-5 days.
  • Bedtime Struggles: This is a child that will fight falling asleep and requires parental assistance. Often the child can take from 20-30 minutes to fall asleep and as long as 60 -120 minutes. This is a common problem do to parents getting bad information about sleep amount and asking a child to do age inappropriate sleep amounts and incorrect sleep distribution. This can be fixed in 2-3 days
  • Consistent Night Time Waking: Child will wake around same time in middle of night. Often for a significant amount time and can be as long as 1-2 hours. This is a problem due to sleep amount and sleep distribution. We can fix thiJack is in 1-2 days
  • Age Inappropriate Napping Behavior: This is when a child under the age of 4 years of age has dropped their napping. Children as young as 6 months of age can stop napping but are very tired. Often this problem occurs with parents that are from a culture that believes in 7pm to 7am sleeping through the night or 12 hours of night time sleep. This is a common problem resulting in too much time in bed. This problem can be resolved in 2-3 days.
  • Child Demanding Parents Sleep with Child: This is a sleep association, see the first problem
  • Jack in the Box: Usually older child from 18 months and up that are in a “big” child bed. They get out of their beds because they can. They will seek out their parent’s attention in the middle of the night.

Making sense of all the information available

Tammy Fontana, MS NCC CTRT USA is a clinical mental health counsellor based in Singapore. She works with many different cultures and their resulting belief systems about sleep. She helps parents understand correctly their child’s behavior and get a complete sleep solution.



BabySleepFairy sleep correction information
  • Sleeping through the night beliefs: addresses the common north american, united kingdom, australia & new zealand beliefs
  • Never waking a sleeping baby: not true!
  • Explaining correct sleep amounts!! It’s not 12 hours at night.
  • Understanding that sleep is more than how you put the baby to bed! It is about sleep amounts, sleep distrubuion and the parent’s behavior
  • Cutting out naps myths: this doesn’t work
  • Address in the dream feed myth! This doesn’t work for many people
  • Food and sleep are not connected! That’s right they are not
  • Sleep training is bad for the baby: not true! Poor sleep habits are!
  • Identifying the wrong sleep problem can affect your solutions
  • It’s often more than just a sleep association! We can explain all the patterns you think you are seeing


Too often parents will avoid or delay correcting their children's sleep problems because of fears of tantrums and tears based in horror stories about sleep training. Often the lack of success comes from not correctly understanding how sleep works and the incorrect application of sleep training methods.

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