We have a created this online portal to support you on your journey to happiness, better relationships and getting the life you want to live!

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Existing Clients

All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has created an online portal that will support existing clients in their ongoing therapy at our centre. People engaging in therapy are looking to embark on a level of change in their personal lives and relationship. All in the Family Counselling Centre ltd Pte understands that change is hard and learning new ways of thinking and choosing new behaviors consistently to get what we want is difficult.

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We’ve found our clients benefit from support in between their sessions to follow through on reaching their personal goals in therapy. Therefore, we have created this portal to provide you, our clients, with deep database of documents, videos and audios to support your therapy. This material is available to you 24 hours a day regardless of where you are in the world. We are addressing a wide variety of issues and the database will continue to grow as we add data to help our clients. We will also provide customized access and documents specific to our clients needs.

Is Wellness Portal substitute for therapy?

The Wellness portal is not a substitute for therapy, but rather an enhancement of it. We do have talks that can give people new insight. Insight, however, doesn't lead to change. Therapy helps clients translate insights into new behaviour and changes what their choices are.

Our newbeginningsclub.com portal will be the great resource for a variety of clients. Some individuals or couples may be looking to explore therapy. They may be hesistate to commit to therapy so our talks will be a great start. If they decide to purchase a membership to the portal they will have access to all our talks and documents that can help increase awareness.

For those individuals who are already in therapy and want to enhance skills they are learning in therapy, the portal will be a great resource for you to use. You can access it 24 hours a day during a difficult period. It can bridge the time between session and allow you to practice what you are learning.

Other people who have finished therapy and just want to have refreshes and access to information and reminders . They can review talks and documents to stay fresh on what they learned. Our unique and one of kind portal is a is great, great solution that can be a very effective way to ensure lasting change. It's one of the benefits working with Tammy at All in the Family Counselling Centre offers a unique support to your life goals.

Issues covered but not limited to:

  • Anxiety Suppor
  • Panic Attack support
  • Depression support
  • Stress Management
  • Dating Issues
  • Couples conflict and communication support
  • Issues around sexual intimacy and support
  • Generally health and well being
  • Parenting
  • Infertilty and trying to conceive
  • Online trainings and talks that support the above issues
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Wellness & Mental Health

Here is a small selection of the large number of testimonials we have received

“We wanted to let you know that we found that working with you on our relationship and sex life was great. It was such an uncomfortable topic for us to approach but even after the first session we felt at ease and had a lot of hope. The homework and your approach really opened up our minds and helped us focus on the right things. We are feeling so much closer and connected and really enjoy our sex life again. We plan to continue to keep in touch monthly to ensure the success we've had.” ~ Sex Therapy Clients

“Tammy, thank you for working with us. We can in to see you with a fear that our constant fighting wasn't fixable. You were strong and firm with us. You really challenged our beliefs and motivations. It was difficult but in the end we really grew as individuals and a couple. It has been 6 months of hard work and we are seeing a lot of progress and feel closer and have better communication skills. Thank you!” ~ Couples clients

“Tammy, when I came in to see you I was crippled with anxiety. I can believe even how after one session I felt more in control and calmer. Your firm approach really challenged me but in the end I feel better equiped to deal with life. I feel i better understand what thinking errors I need to manage and how I can change my thoughts and behaviors better. Thank you!” ~ Individual client

We want you, our client to be successful and feel supported.

This portal is a great source for you if you are seeking to maintain your progress even after you have completed your therapy at the centre.

What are the benefits of Wellness Portal? Can it really help?

Our Wellness Portal has several components and it is not a substitute to therapy, but it is something to enhance therapy to ensure clients can achieve results they want. Within our Portal we are providing trainings, supporting documents to summarize what you are learning in therapy, and resources to go to when clients are having troubles or are stuck or there is time between therapy.

So, yes, Portal is a great tool to support. In addition we have various talks that clients can purchase or get access to once they have Portal. A membership will allow clients to reinforce what they learned, and have refresher on various topics when they are feeling weak, or they are getting stuck in a relationship dilemma or their lives. The portal is a great support system between therapy sessions so you don't feel alone on your journey. It there to reinforce what you are learning to help you get success and help you build confidence you need to continue with difficult task of learning new behaviour, changing behaviour and implementing new skills.

Wellness & Mental Health

On Going Development

The portal will be a helpful place to check regularly.

  • As a dedication to your mental well-being and relationships we will be adding new content regularly.
  • We are expanding to audio and video interviews with leading mental health professionals on topics relevant to you.
  • We will be offering trainings and talks to help support you in your journey to happiness.

Mental Health Seekers

If you are not an existing or former client of All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd, we have plenty to offer you. The same supporting documents and training can be a resource for you to explore improving your mental health and well being. If you are not ready to start therapy this can be a great place to start your journey to improved mental wellness and happiness in your individual life and relationships.


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