January 7 2019

Posted on January 7, 2019

January 7 2019

Hello and thank you for reading my blog. I’ll apologize up front about some of the grammar and editing issues you’ll see. I was reading a few posts and I had to cringe. So sorry I am making you work a little but hard to read these posts.

But this brings me to today’s topic on setting goals and making changes. One goal I have this year is to do this blog on being alone without being lonely. A big theme is to be very active purposely, doing high quality activities for yourself. One hindrance is that often people will say I can’t start something until all the conditions are just right. Or they’ll say, I’m to afraid to try yoga or dance or write…. What if I can’t perfect!
My blog is living proof! You don’t need perfection you need to start doing. Just doing, do your best and that is enough. Improvements can be refined as you go. If you never start, how will you grow? You can’t be great or perfect at something new. You must start.

You may say, well Tammy, come on, writing English language isn’t new. How can you put content out that has so many errors? Aren’t you embarrassed. Don’t you worry what people think?… Worry worry worry….
The very short answer is yes, it’s a bit painful to read my content with error and I can’t change it (due to the process of uploading). But so what? My goal is to try to connect with my readers. If I did all the editing etc I would never get anything published. I don’t have the time. Today in fact, I’m writing this from my phone on the bus to work. I try my best and then I go. Does the world stop? No. May someone think less me… Possibly.. But so what. I am doing this for me.

So again, don’t create so many barriers to entry that you never start. Change is hard and scary. Unless. Something is literally going to kill you, just do! Refine as you go.

I fine it so human and amusing that people say I can’t dance so I won’t take lessons… That’s why you take lessons! No one can dance at first. Or I can’t do yoga because I’m too inflexible… That again is why you do yoga… To get flexibility and strength.
So we do to become… You don’t need to be to do.
Next time I’ll talk about the biggest excuse…. I’m too busy…

Happy day