Another day another adventure

Posted on December 26, 2018

Another day another adventure

What do most people want from their holidays? What do you want? My clients will tell me freedom, relaxation, sex and fun. To have these things many of my clients don’t like to plan. If you are traveling alone one of the things I strongly recommend is to plan out your holiday and time.

You may think I don’t want to do that! My life is so structured as it is a vacation is the one place I don’t want to plan. This will be a mistake. Planning allows for freedom.

For the majority of my clients who have any childhood neglect or trauma they need to plan to avoid those horrible strangulation of loneliness that can paralyse them.

If you are someone who is gripped by this terrible and paralyzing feeling of loneliness you know how crippling it is. It’s the main reason my clients stay in bad relationships or avoid traveling or doing anything alone. It’s really terrible.
So how to avoid in your… Planning!
You want to maintain a certain structure to your day watching the most important aspects of your mental health. This is your diet and exercise and watch alcohol consumption which is a depressant.

So make sure to plan your day including downtime.
Start day with exercise to set your mood. Watch your diet. Ideally don’t over eat or go too long between meals. Your mood is created in your gut..
So keep it healthy.
Structure your day to have rest periods but things to do like read that book or listen to a podcast. Plan out in advance your tours or activities so you know what is happening to avoid that overwhelming feeling of being alone or not knowing what do.
Does this feel like work? Contrary to a holiday? Well, perhaps but if you do this you won’t get plagued by those terrible feelings. Good mental health just like physical health does require effort. It’s a myth to think mental health just happens. Mentally healthy people do this naturally. It is deeply integrated into their lives. My clients with high levels of anxiety are learning and integrating this for their well being.
Your new mantra is planning equals freedom 😊