August 19th 2019

Posted on August 19, 2019

August 19th 2019

Happy Monday. So, did you think about how you can capture your positive experiences to store them away so you can enjoy them on a down day?

Today I wanted you to think about your soothing voice and do know to apply it sooner rather than later?

Too often, I see that many people have not developed a soothing voice or know how to stop a downward spiral of sadness, or loneliness.  Or they may have one, but they apply it way to late. They get caught in a negative state they find to get out of

I have written about this before in a previous post. This time I wanted to add on to the kind self-soothing voice and highlight the need to be able to apply it early on. What I observe with many of my clients is that the downward feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression come on much earlier than they realize with their negative self-talking. They often don’t realize soon enough they are headed down.

It’s much easier to stop a negative cycle of loneliness or sadness when you catch it early on. Once it engulfs you it’s much harder.

So, you want to pay attention to yourself. Do you notice a pattern when you are heading down a negative cycle? Do you notice anything in your body? Like an upset stomach, or maybe you are feeling more tired that isn’t related to you sleep? Or maybe your crankier and more irritable. The sooner you can catch a downward cycle and head it off, the better and easier it is to apply more soothing self-talk. It’s easier to implement loving interventions to change your mood.

So, start today to start catch yourself early and changing your self-talk. Observe what are your unique triggers.

Have a good week!