January 8, 2019

Posted on January 8, 2019

January 8, 2019

So have you asked how do you want to feel in 2019? A lot of people will answer me and say I don’t want to feel anxious or lonely or frustrated. But if you notice that isn’t what I asked. I asked how do you want to feel… Not what you don’t want.

Figuring out how you want to feel is so important when deciding what your new years goals are and the doing you’ll need to do to achieve these goals. Too often people pick activities to do with no consideration of how they want to feel.

So let’s try again. How do you want to feel in 2019?
Self assured?
In control?
Fit and healthy?
Whatever you want to feel, this is great. Make your statements in the positive. You can’t work towards a negative. We can only work towards a positive. Dis you find that hard? It can be. But great if you figured out how you want to feel.

Now, if you have a list of goals ask your how will my goals help me feel what I want to feel? If they don’t we need to out new goals.

If you don’t have activities or goals, look at your list of feelings. When you see your feelings what images come to mind. How do you want to get to those feelings?
Let’s take calm. Calm. Is more a way if thinking and being than doing. So if you wanted to be calm you start looking at things like do. I get enough sleep so I feel rested and calm and need less caffeine. How would achieve more sleep? Or maybe it’s how you start your day. How do you change the start of your day to produce more calm.. Or maybe you aren’t calm because of financial debt or living beyond your means. So what financial goals or Chan would you make.

This is just one I help clients think about their goals and life differently. The goals look different and are often more meaningful when you go for a feeling. Then as discussed before make your goals really specific so they are doable. The more focused on how you want to feel it helps you focus on areas of your life you want to meaningfully change.

Give it a go