Nature and mental health

Posted on December 28, 2018

Nature and mental health

Nature is integral to your mental health.


Nature it is a wonderful and gives so much to people’s mentally health and is often under appreciated especially on holiday. One of the biggest challenge my clients face who are dealing with chronic anxiety and/or depression combined with chronic feelings of deep loneliness is the fear of being alone. I am helping these people on many fronts but the main one is to learn how to self sooth and be able to feel content with being on their own.
My clients often come to me with issues after the end of a significant relationship or problems in a significant relationship. All my clients express some sort of fear of being alone or never meeting anyone. Most have issues of early childhood neglect. These factors keep them stuck in relationships that are not good for them and even though they intellectually know this, emotional they are not ready to do with out them.
In helping people to develop internal resources to self sooth and emotionally regulate, I recommend getting as much nature as possible. Nature is always there. You can count on a tree to be there. You cannot count on a lover or a romantic partner to be there. People are not reliable but nature is.

Are you confused by what I write? Good 😊.

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A common issue that people have who are in toxic or unhealthy relationships is that they believe they need someone to give them unconditional love. They are people pleaser looking for validation and approval, often what they didn’t get in childhood. Unfortunately, adult relationships, including romantic partnerships are highly conditional. Think of marriage vows and how we contract sex.

So many of clients who need this unconditional love need to learn to give it to themselves. They need to learn to value their own opinion of themselves. Nature is a great start. It allows you to slow down and quiet your mind. It is soothing and dependable.

If you are on hokide it’s important to try to include nature in your trip if you are traveling on your own. My trip I did cycling and surfing. Being in the jungle with trees and birds chirping I don’t feel alone. I am connected to nature. Being the sea with waves is powerful to see the magic of nature and interact with it.

Start to build a relationship with nature. Walks in parks, cycling or swimming. You’ll feel better and then be grateful.